Vitaboom is all about quality and convenience. We collaborate with trusted suppliers who source premium, scientifically-backed ingredients. Our user-friendly online interface empowers you to explore a diverse range of supplements and choose or craft tailored stacks effortlessly. Whether you seek an energy boost, immune support, enhanced focus, or overall well-being, we have the perfect blend of supplements to cater to your unique health goals.

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Meet Vitaboom's Leadership

Dr. Darshan Shah MD

Founder and CEO

UMKC MD, Mayo clinic trained surgeon, Harvard Business School Alumni. Dr. Shah is a 3x Founder & CEO in Health & Wellness Vertical including franchised Health Optimization and Longevity center, NextHealth.

Justin Saunders

Founder and COO

Justin has 6 years strategy consulting at BCG & SBI Growth Advisory with a focus on Sales & Marketing Effectiveness and earned his MBA from UT McCombs.

Ashley Koff RD

Chief Nutrition Officer

Ashley has over 30 years experience in nutrition and supplements - personalized plans, product development, marketing & education. She is the founder of The Better Nutrition Program.

Debra Wolf MS CNS

Director of Sales & Marketing

MS Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Debra has 10+ years in the health and wellness space including a focus in sales and marketing and scaling start-ups.

Tasneem Kazi

Project Manager

UCF BBA Tazneem has 3+ years in marketing and project management in the health and wellness space.

Jared Clark

QMS and Compliance

Oversees FDA-regulation and QMS systems that exceed GMP and NSF compliance.

Meet Vitaboom's Scientific and Industry Advisors

Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Co-Founder, Institute for Functional Medicine

Dr. Bland has been a leader in the nutritional medicine field for 30+ years. He is founder and president of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, as well as founder and Chairman Emeritus of IFM. He also served as the first Chief Science Officer at Metagenics from 2000-2012.

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Physician, Clinic Director and Author

Dr. Fitzgerald is actively engaged in clinical research on epigenetics and longevity and has published a consumer book titled Younger You based on her research.

Ben Greenfield

Health Consultant, Founder and Author

Ben Greenfield is a health consultant, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of a variety of books. He is the co-founder of the supplement company Kion and hosts a highly popular fitness, nutrition, and wellness website.


Biochemist, Formulation Scientist and Author

Biochemist, dietician, sports nutritionist, and formulation scientist known as the "Worlds Greatest Formulator." He is also the author of "The Energy Formula."

JJ Virgin

Nutrition and Fitness Expert and Author

JJ is a prominent TV and media personality who co-hosted TLC’s Freaky Eaters and was the nutrition expert for Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Challenges. She speaks regularly, commanding audiences of 10,000 or more. She is the author of 4 NYTs best sellers and continues to help people over 40 transform their health.

"The best supplement you can take is a dedicated mindset towards your health."